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Yantai Baosteel 2030 Cold rolling project" won the "13th five year plan" Iron and Steel Industry Innovation Engineering Award Project design undertaken by Baosteel Engineering

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Recently, the launching ceremony of "13th five year" scientific and technological achievements exhibition of China's iron and steel industry was held in Jiangsu. The 2030mm Cold rolling project of Baosteel Zhanjiang iron and steel base project, which was designed by Baosteel Engineering, won the "13th five year plan" Iron and Steel Industry Innovation Engineering Award. The award is the highest honor in the innovation engineering field of China's iron and steel industry, and has a demonstration and leading role in the industry.


Zhanjiang Steel 2030 mm Cold Rolling project is an important demonstration project of revamping, upgrading and green development of iron and steel industry built by Baowu in Zhanjiang iron and steel boutique base in Guangdong Province. It mainly produces high-end products such as automobile plate and household appliance board, with an annual production capacity of 2.2 million tons. The project started on September 1st , 2013 and passed the acceptance on May 31, 2016. After being put into operation, the units run stably and reliably, the process system is advanced, the functions are complete, and the indexes of energy conservation and environmental protection are in the leading level of the industry.


Baosteel Engineering undertakes the design and supply of the project. The construction of the project has changed the previous mode of foreign general contracting and equipment introduction, adopting comprehensive independent integration and independent design.