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China Yantai BaoSteel and Lenovo Group Agreed to Strengthen Cooperation

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A few days ago, China Baowu communicated and exchanged ideas with Lenovo Group. The two sides had a lively interactive communication on "cloud" topics such as industrial internet, 5G applications, smart manufacturing, big data, cloud computing and blockchain technology, and discussed the development of the intelligent market and the prospects for future cooperation.

Lenovo Group is a global technology company with operations in 180 markets, ranking 224th in the 2020 Fortune Global 500. As the world's top supplier of enterprise digital and intelligent solutions, Lenovo Group actively promotes the development of "equipment + cloud" and "infrastructure + cloud" in the entire industry, as well as the implementation of intelligent solutions.

Lenovo Group expressed the hope that both parties will strengthen communication and cooperation, explore the development of China's smart manufacturing market, and jointly develop the market. China Baowu stated that Lenovo Group is a leading company in the fields of information technology and the internet, and the two parties have broad space for cooperation in areas such as 5G industrial applications, cloud computing, intelligent operation and maintenance, and blockchain technology, and it also expressed the hope that relevant departments of both sides will further strengthen communication and carry out cooperation.