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Company comprehensive management policy

User-oriented, environmental management, innovation-driven, risk prevention, accurate and efficient, continuous improvement, safe and healthy, harmonious development, building the world's most competitive steel companies and the most valuable listed companies.

The connotation of the management policy

User Orientation——Guided by user needs, improve the service system of user value enhancement, realize the transformation from supplier to service provider, establish user-centered operation mechanism, and provide value-added products and services to the society.

Environmental management——comply with laws, regulations and related requirements, select environmentally friendly raw materials and production processes, technologies, carry out ecological design, promote clean production, carry out various environmental pollutants reduction and comprehensive management, and pursue the stability of energy systems. Economic Operation. Increase investment in energy conservation and emission reduction, research and use advanced energy-saving and emission reduction technologies, implement a “three-stream one-state” energy management system, and continuously reduce the environmental load of the whole life cycle. Practice environmental management and become a model steel enterprise with green products, green manufacturing and circular economy.

Innovation Driven——Insist on the road of open and independent integration innovation, realize key breakthroughs and leap-forward development in product technology, metallurgical process and equipment technology, form a number of internationally influential proprietary technologies, comply with internal and external environment, and focus on operation Innovative changes in the mechanism, effectively improve the efficiency of the company's management; pursue the efficient coordination of the innovation system, strive to become the world's steel industry leader, and create a new era of steel competitiveness.

Preventing risks——fostering a sound risk management culture, establishing a sound risk management organization system and internal control system, and improving overall risk prevention capabilities. Control information system security risks based on confidentiality, availability and integrity. Improve the confidentiality management system, protect company secrets, and promote enterprises to achieve development strategies.

Accurate and efficient——implement the "simple, speed, cost" working principle, vigorously carry forward Lubao collaborative culture, and improve the company's operating efficiency. Based on facts, provide accurate and reliable measurement data, and constantly improve the measurement management system.

Continuous improvement——continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence, continuous improvement of the company's work with strict requirements and the pursuit of first-class work style.

Safety and health——prevention first, improve the safety and health awareness and prevention ability of all employees, enhance the identification and control ability of dangerous sources; comprehensively control, reduce the risk of occupational safety and health hazard and property loss, and promote the safety of personnel and property.

Harmonious development——consciously assume the due social and moral obligations; adhere to the people-oriented, achieve the harmonious integration of enterprise development and employee development.

Building the world's most competitive steel companies and the most valuable listed companies - continuously build and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, continue to maintain the competitive advantage and profitability of enterprises, pursue the maximization of corporate value, and realize shareholders, customers, Employees, the interests of all sectors of society and the coordinated and balanced development of the medium and long-term development of the enterprise, building the world's most competitive steel enterprises and the most valuable listed companies.

In January 2010, the comprehensive management system passed the on-site management audit of Beijing Guojin Hengxin Certification Company and obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and GB/T 28001 certifications.