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YANTAI BAOSTEEL PIPE CO.,LTD. LU ICP No.88888888 Powered by www.300.cn


Yantai Baosteel Pipe Co.,Ltd. ("Baosteel Pipe") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. It is located at No. 1030 Yongda Street, Fushan District, Yantai City, Shandong Province, covering an area of 1.14 million square meters. 2.5 billion yuan.

Baosteel Pipe has a Ф460 PQF seamless steel pipe production line with the most advanced equipment, the strongest performance and the best performance in the world, and an ARE (Accu-Roll&Expander) high-precision rolling and expanding pipe production line with independent intellectual property rights. It is equipped with complete and current world-leading heat treatment lines, high-pressure boiler pipeline finishing lines, general boiler tube finishing lines, and pipe processing production lines. The production line is equipped with advanced and complete online detection, control, sampling, sample preparation and test equipment. The test data is transmitted from the computer system to each relevant production unit for production control.

The main products of Ф460 PQF line are high-grade non-sulfur-resistant casing of Ф177.8~457mm×6.1(5.5)~55mm×6000-15000mm, high-sulfur-resistant technical casing and high pressure resistant for supercritical and ultra-supercritical boilers. Seamless steel pipes, etc.

The main products of ARE line are more than 400 specifications of Φ146mm-Φ325mm, more than 20 kinds of seamless steel pipes for conveying fluids, seamless steel pipes for hydraulic props, seamless steel tubes for boilers, oxygen cylinder tubes, and locomotive tubes.

Baosteel Pipe products are widely used in power station boilers, oil extraction, petroleum refining, oil and natural gas transportation, construction, bridges, oxygen cylinders, various grid structures and mechanical structures, hydraulic props and other hydraulic equipment, pressure vessels, ships, etc. field.

Baosteel Pipe, a subsidiary of Baosteel, a global top 500 company, adheres to the road of quality development, continuously promotes the construction of innovative enterprises, conducts new product research and development around key downstream industries, and forms and develops the core technology of seamless steel tube manufacturing with continuous development; The road to management, from the whole process of engineering project design, construction and production, comprehensively promotes cleaner production and green manufacturing, and is committed to building a world-class clean steel pipe enterprise.

Baosteel Pipe takes the initiative to undertake the social responsibility of promoting the coordinated and harmonious development of economic growth, social progress and environmental protection, and takes into account the needs of stakeholders such as shareholders, users, suppliers, employees and society to achieve common development.